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The second and final page of this ridiculous comic idea of mine. As with the first one, I've made it available here on Derpibooru after first submitting it to Newgrounds.

Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash finally find out who's responsible for making their lower garments, but not before Rainbow Dash is forced to make an emergency "pit stop" behind a bush.

It turns out that Snips and Snails were trying to use magic to seduce the Humane Six, but only succeeded in making the six girls bottomless. After the two pervs get their asses kicked on the spot, Twilight tries to look through the book, only for it to be blown away by the wind along with Applejack's hat (the only thing she had to cover up her privates).

Snips and Snails are likely to get beat up again over this. I couldn't really think of anything else to do with the six girls being bottomless, so I'm ending it here. If anyone out there feels like using this concept for their own fan comics or fan fiction, be my guest.
suggestive130893 applejack161298 fluttershy201385 pinkie pie205966 rainbow dash222470 rarity172464 sci-twi22216 snails5138 snips4058 twilight sparkle286126 butterfly6506 comic:bashful and bottomless2 equestria girls185296 applebutt3824 ass43869 balloonbutt3526 bottomless12536 bush2388 butt39020 cake9099 clothes419708 comic102358 covering3799 covering crotch266 desperation717 embarrassed10416 embarrassed nude exposure2126 flutterbutt4422 food63101 groin attack101 hat78346 hat censor26 humane five2931 humane six2796 leaf923 need to pee941 newgrounds33 noodle incident98 nudity338476 omorashi898 onomatopoeia3482 partial nudity17976 pervert212 pissing3484 potty emergency527 potty time1196 rainbutt dash3052 rearity3939 sci-twibutt200 strategically covered2722 sweat23778 sweating profusely337 tree28700 twibutt4815 urine6076 using the bathroom in the woods136


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