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Commission from Sir—Raptor

"Adagio sitting at a desk and wondering how to get revenge on the Rainbooms. Adagio remarking if only they were as easy to deal with as mistakes while writing with a pencil. Unbeknownst to Adagio however the Humane 7 have been mysterious shrunken to a super smol size and are on her desk… and in the impact zone of the incoming pencil eraser wielded by Adagio. Said pencil eraser dwarfs them utterly and engulfs their field of view. They naturally panic at their incoming doom. Said doom takes a few flavors (alternate endings.) […]

Ending 3:[…] Instead of erasing their clothes or crushing them outright it erases their remaining size and the Humane 7 shrink even further! They soon enter the microbial realm where upon Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer are preyed upon and eaten by microbes leaving only Rarity and Twilight Sparkle left. As the last 2 shrink further then enter the atomic realm and are in short order smaller than a atom. Still shrinking they embrace each other in love and passion. Then Rarity and Twilight shrink right out of sight never to be seen again. […]"

Other endings:
>>2267582 Adagio's unperceived revenge Alt 1 by mythkaz

>>2267583 Adagio's unperceived revenge Alt 2 by mythkaz

The reason why I did 3 variants instead of complementing the ending was mostly for fitting options, the original idea involved having Adagio in last panel unaware of what she did, but I felt the plot could be rearranged to mention her intentions somewhere in between (doll panel) and just focus on the result to end the comic.

I really don't have comments for this ending.
suggestive127883 alternate version33817 artist:mythkaz10 adagio dazzle11964 applejack158722 fluttershy197617 pinkie pie203072 rainbow dash219212 rarity169560 sunset shimmer57509 twilight sparkle282484 equestria girls179917 breasts239282 comic101300 commission51831 commission comic17 dialogue60530 doll5775 eraser201 featureless breasts2184 female898028 females only10979 hug25442 implied death2370 implied lesbian3070 kissing22430 lesbian92154 magic65790 mane six29427 micro8489 nudity333333 onomatopoeia3258 pencil3249 rarilight1833 revenge751 running5286 shipping183823 shrinking271 shrunken50 size difference12568 sound effects1600 table8184 tiny960 toy20805 unaware339 vore13797 word balloon223


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #7B15
They did not get eaten or disappeared. In reality, the mane 6 (including Sunset Shimmer) will enter a place called Quantum Realm(a dimension in the Multiverse only accessible through magical energy. It means that they would enter a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant as they shrink for all eternity. Everything that they know, and love, gone forever).If one of mane 6 (including Sunset Shimmer) lucky enough to get sucked in time vortex(they travel through time and get out the Quantum Realm and into their normal world as normal size(but at different time, time travel is possible if the went subatomic and enter Quantum Realm, and also a change to escape when they shrinking forever). It is even possible to travel through time without altering the future in Quantum Realm (as they go to the past, then the present becomes their past and the past becomes their future. So they cannot change the past).
So yeah, they didn't die, they just get stuck in Quantum Realm
Background Pony #700F
If you could take the outcome of V1 and combine it with Adagio's suggestion in V3 we could see some very risqué results.