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The first page of a comic I've started on Newgrounds. Seeing that it's about Equestria Girls, I figured it was only fair that I'd also make the comic accessible on Derpibooru.

We see the Equestria Girls counterparts to Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy celebrating their graduation from Canterlot High. Unfortunately, the girls suddenly have their lower coverings vanish.

Our heroines run off to try and find out who is responsible, but Rainbow Dash brings up another problem when she reveals she has to pee.
suggestive126525 applejack157476 fluttershy196081 pinkie pie201686 rainbow dash217560 rarity168295 sci-twi21788 twilight sparkle280290 comic:bashful and bottomless2 equestria girls177863 applebutt3505 ass41336 balloonbutt3273 bottomless12011 butt25267 cake8740 clothes402692 comic100330 covering3675 covering crotch234 desperation673 disappearing clothes55 embarrassed9935 embarrassed nude exposure2041 flutterbutt4117 food59607 hat75315 hat censor25 humane five2750 humane six2637 need to pee906 newgrounds33 nudity329270 omorashi868 partial nudity16420 potty emergency494 potty time1147 rainbutt dash2761 rearity3611 skirt35105 strategically covered2581 twibutt4395


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