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The Discovery-esque intro.
safe1554659 artist:jrshinkansenhorse40 applejack157188 fluttershy195700 pinkie pie201312 rainbow dash217125 rarity167850 ray121 sci-twi21686 sunset shimmer56588 twilight sparkle279684 oc593114 oc:captain becky ray shoichet7 oc:commander inat'p6 equestria girls177216 alex kurtzman1 animated90965 big crown thingy2150 element of magic1827 ellen degeneres7 faustian class9 gene roddenberry1 geode of empathy2377 gilbert gottfried12 ishi rudell69 jewelry48962 katrina hadley95 magical geodes6505 meghan mccarthy577 michael dorn2 mirror4616 rebecca shoichet118 regalia15678 silhouette2331 star trek895 star trek: discovery3 star trek: sunset shimmer23 title sequence6 uss sunset shimmer25 worf23


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Background Pony #DCF3
Sooooo, does this mean all the characters are cursing 24/7 cause "viewers won't listen unless they curse"?