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Now that Princess Celestia has passed on the torch to Princess Twilight, she can finally have a good lie-in in the mornings.
safe1725785 artist:thebatfang208 princess celestia95762 alicorn228228 pony986067 bed41552 bedroom10594 bedroom eyes60236 blanket5410 cute202692 cutelestia3638 ear fluff30300 female1380218 looking at you171899 mare490323 morning984 morning ponies1452 pov14262 smiling254021 solo1077266 wallpaper18712


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -
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Ian Nevla
September 4th, 2020, this is the most popular piece of media on Derpibooru so far this year according to the wilson score :3
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Luna Best Pony~
@Background Pony #4475
Well to me personally Luna just means a lot. There are a lot of personal reasons for that. I very much like Celestia too and think that this particular artwork is really, really great.

Now please let's not derail the comments with discussion of something not directly related to the image.
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Background Pony #D296
I honestly think she's massively overrated. Celestia deserves just as much love, and not all the constant slamming that almost everyone gives her. Especially from her sister's fanbase.
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Background Pony #D296
@Altair the dragon-horse
Well, its absolutely annoying to constantly see Luna brought up in almost every Celestia image. I don't see Celestia fans constantly bringing Celestia up in every Luna image, or at least not on the same frequency.
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