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Humanized pony OC that belongs to Nagathesiren. Not sure what her name is.
safe1600767 artist:sinamuna107 oc616859 oc only412714 human145207 oni30 anklet822 armor22078 art trade1523 blushing179958 braid4878 chestplate120 chibi13254 choker9946 clothes419799 crescent moon1636 dark skin4146 dress40611 elf ears1828 eyebrows2536 eyeshadow13780 female1273353 flower23123 galaxy568 gloves17869 headband3147 horns4986 humanized95755 humanized oc2260 humanoid135 jewelry54034 long hair3652 makeup18690 moon21728 open mouth127567 personification15 pony to human118 purple background2550 purple hair587 short hair1748 silver eyes25 simple background354616 skirt36550 skirt lift4528 solo992482 space4688 stars14054 white eyes395 winged humanization8342 wings84355


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