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semi-grimdark28040 artist:princebluemoon3333 oc606054 oc:rainbow tashie147 oc:tommy the human368 dragon48263 earth pony199725 human142238 comic:the chaos within us286 black and white12112 blood22621 canterlot5043 canterlot castle1763 clothes409734 comic101651 commissioner:bigonionbean1379 crying40213 dialogue60650 drawing4134 dream2482 embedded51 extra thicc648 frightened239 grayscale36257 horrified516 human oc377 monochrome148000 night22760 nightmare1311 scared9360 screaming2953 shedding87 swelling277 thicc ass780 traditional art109420 transformation9794 writer:bigonionbean1130


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Background Pony #1388
"DO YOU SEE HUMAN! it sould have been me who became a pony…it sould have been me who came to the land! YOU TOOK IT FROM ME!! YOU DID THIS! now i will take from you what you took from ME!!"