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Told you I was going to do it XD

I know this is probably far from the interests of most who watch me, but eh, it's still fun to draw! And as far as art goes, that's all that matters! :D

So here's EQG Trixie and Pickles, getting a little hand holding time together. Total opposites, yet like the charges of a magnet, snap, together they go! Well, at least in THIS gallery they do!

And dammit, Pickles, stop looking like me! lol

safe (1526080) artist:blazelupine (234) trixie (59877) oc (575374) oc:pickles (111) human (139470) equestria girls (172794) boots (17657) breasts (226836) busty trixie (3353) clothes (389075) duo (45328) female (850938) holding hands (2151) hoodie (11399) humanized (92167) jacket (9958) male (289587) monochrome (142851) pants (11208) shirt (19638) shoes (27726) simple background (325914) sketch (56953) skirt (34071) traditional art (105297) trikles (85) white background (81746)


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