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Promotional image for Spring Breakdown.
safe1918118 applejack184698 fluttershy233144 pinkie pie234468 rainbow dash254822 rarity199224 sci-twi28140 sunset shimmer70770 twilight sparkle326813 equestria girls228157 equestria girls series37941 i'm on a yacht862 official10911 spring breakdown3008 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16055 armpits44833 baseball cap2505 cap5598 clothes539966 equestria girls logo859 feet47152 female1553681 geode of empathy3585 geode of fauna2308 geode of shielding2718 geode of sugar bombs2482 geode of super speed2989 geode of super strength2735 geode of telekinesis3432 glasses74528 hairpin2931 hat104037 heart shaped glasses138 humane five4720 humane seven3007 humane six4471 jumping3899 legs10067 magical geodes10981 midriff21160 open mouth187349 peace sign3814 sandals5009 shorts16595 skirt46554 sleeveless6672 sunglasses17750 tomboy1309 wristband4364 yacht174


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Background Pony #56DF
I didn’t like the scene where Pinkie Pie ate that Triple Choco-Berry Blasted Butter Biscuit Bundt Cake underwater. Mainly because some fans were making insulting remarks about her. I’m used to seeing her being cartoonish but I would have never expected her to do something like that in a million years.
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Background Pony #56DF
“Spring Breakdown” was okay and I liked the idea of having the girls in a cruise ship setting, but unfortunately it could have been better
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Background Pony #0E52
Why when someone uploads an official EqG image that is likely to be discussed, the comments are filled with Background Ponies arguing and replying as 7 year olds? Also, this special is worse than the Magic specials if you ask me. Only the small comedy moments are somewhat okay (I don’t consider them completely funny).
Background Pony #C763
@Lonely Fanboy48  
Actually it because it take place after the movie and not season 8 that why we’re not getting a thrid season cuz how they’re going to put S8 and 9 into it!