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Even more kisses for our farm gal.
safe1556202 artist:chub-wub216 applejack157309 cherry jubilee1006 coloratura2660 fluttershy195848 strawberry sunrise316 earth pony190746 pegasus232698 pony827382 apple14399 applejack gets all the mares66 applerise60 appleshy1181 bedroom eyes50531 blushing172710 boop6778 cherryjack75 cute173399 eating8517 eyes closed78467 eyeshadow12673 female880469 flustered212 food59399 freckles24780 hatless1833 jackabetes4984 kiss on the cheek1442 kissing22130 lesbian91319 makeup17157 mare404644 missing accessory7352 noseboop2551 nuzzling3693 one eye closed24515 rarajack203 shipping181592 simple background338114 white background84908 wink21199


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Including part 1 of this, it seems all of the prettiest ponies in Equestria want some of that apple. And I don't blame them

Also, I hope part 3 is of all of them fighting over her and/or kissing her at once