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My favorite ship at the moment. I had to put them together. I’m going to put out an image at the end of all 6 mane kirin. I’m going to have 2 versions. One with Appledash flirting in the middle and one without shipping. Because I know not all of you ship Appledash.

safe2118620 artist:cloudy glow3059 applejack196195 rainbow dash272900 kirin14534 g41930859 bedroom eyes79218 cute257272 dashabetes11881 duo156593 female1740153 freckles41587 jackabetes7770 kirin applejack58 kirin rainbow dash47 kirin-ified1000 lesbian114761 looking at each other32254 movie accurate1788 one eye closed43984 ship:appledash7556 shipping245962 simple background569444 species swap25823 sweet dreams fuel2001 transparent background274824 weapons-grade cute4556 wink31941


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Considering how much this artist seems to like kirins, I hope they draw a pony Autumn one day