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I’d have to go back and rewatch every Dash focused episode to really say which one was my favorite but, Tanks for the Memories is always one that comes to mind, if only because I sorta cried happy tears to see her pony self finally get a solo song. Thanks for that, was worried she might never get one.
Awesome as I wanna be was nice but it’s not pony Dash

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Dashie is best pone
episodes like tanks for the memories, newbie dash, wonderbolt academy and even mare do well etc, make me see Rainbow as a pretty softie pony who tries to hide her sweetest side because she thinks that is not cool,reason why I really like the part in” the last problem” in which she says “just because i dont say it doesnt mean i dont feel it” i think many of those who hate her don’t try to see more deep in her character, and just look at her arrogance and self-centeredness
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I think it deserves props for as that well. Say what you want about the plot being a little ridiculous, but the episode’s idea of presenting her in an unusually vulnerable position is interesting and pretty entertaining at times. Not to mention Ashleigh’s voice work; Rainbow “Danger” Dash bawling her eyes out is quite the sight to behold.
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I liked how this episode really showed Dash’s softer, more caring side. Which is not something we saw a whole lot of.