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source needed (12770) suggestive (122866) artist:art-2u (362) starlight glimmer (41538) trixie (59916) equestria girls (172881) arm behind back (4534) ass (39848) beanie (3078) bondage (29050) breasts (226937) busty starlight glimmer (1891) busty trixie (3354) butt (21053) cleavage (29590) clothes (389208) crossover (55291) don turtelli (63) fedora (770) feet (32906) feet on face (124) feet sniffing (26) feet up (105) female (851281) fetish (33094) foot fetish (6185) foot focus (2002) glimmer glutes (819) hat (72443) laughing (6769) male (289578) schrödinger's pantsu (261) skirt (34078) sniffing (664) soles (3273) teenage mutant ninja turtles (516) the great and powerful ass (761) thighs (6986) tickling (3991) tied to chair (145) tied up (4624) trixie is not amused (136) unamused (12814) upskirt (5216) varying degrees of amusement (93)


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Background Pony #BA2E
"Seriously Starlight… I'm trying to think of a great and intelligent plan to get free and you're just gonna cave in"
Posted Report

"Hold on Starlight Glimmer! The Great & Powerful Trixie will find a way to get us free and defeat this guy! Just give me some time to think while you are being tickled…"

Sorry, I couldn't resist.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Everything is Everything
Uh oh, Trixie doesn't look too happy, LOL… Would definitely be interested in seeing how Maud Pie would react in this situation…