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I keep my own hooves clean and nopony can
trace it back to me. They Deserved it.

That's…pretty weird. But I guess if it works…?
safe1574507 artist:lightningbolt820 derpibooru exclusive24343 oc604354 oc only409483 oc:goth lass6 earth pony198655 .svg available7441 bags under eyes1820 black sclera1644 clothes408659 dyed mane261 dyed tail71 ear piercing21607 earring17941 eyeliner873 eyeshadow13030 female898370 goth1751 gothic402 hoof hold7330 implied murder848 jewelry50838 lidded eyes25619 looking at you143667 makeup17614 mare415098 piercing34839 pony shaming120 shirt21211 sign3670 simple background345276 sitting54924 skirt35613 solo972351 svg3170 tattoo4581 transparent background179454 vector71183


not provided yet


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Background Pony #DE21
"Why not send a murder of crows instead?"
"I tried that once. Strangely enough, they were mostly just unkind."