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Sorry. I can't give any promises to when ponies will slow down. They WILL eventually, but for now….sorry XD

Randomly hit with a need to draw a cute, anthro Derpy. And bottomless is like, my most favorite thing for a girl <3

Pony pinups also happen to be one of my favorites to draw. Now, if only I could do them for the friends I owe….harr…e.e;

suggestive (121933) artist:blazelupine (234) derpy hooves (47330) anthro (218439) pegasus (222182) bottomless (11585) breasts (226503) busty derpy hooves (1445) clothes (389280) covering (3570) embarrassed (9557) embarrassed nude exposure (1988) female (846018) monochrome (142566) nudity (318734) partial nudity (15409) shirt (19489) simple background (324276) solo (938274) solo female (163195) traditional art (104963) white background (81219)


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A Clever Message
Aw, she's shy!

Somebody give her a pair of bootyshorts that barely extend further than the shirt does. That'll calm her down.