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Five Score Novel

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Ever since the Dazzlings’ defeat at Canterlot High’s Battle of the Bands, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk have been arguing a lot more than usual. Granted, the two Siren sisters never really had the best relationship to begin with, but it seems like with the loss of their magical pendants (and with them, their hypnotic voices), the two have been set so on-edge, that they can’t go 5 minutes without bickering about even the most trivial thing. Their older sister, Adagio Dazzle, has had enough of the arguing and (during the girls’ gig at the Starswirl Music Festival) desperately begins looking for a way to help them get along. At the festival, she comes across a hypnotist’s tent and (even though the yellow-skinned Siren usually regards hypnotists as ‘useless’) decides to give it a shot and books her sister for an appointment, which she then tricks them into attending. At the tent, after Aria and Sonata are sat down together on a comfy sofa, the hypnotist begins to swing a silver pocket watch back and forth in front of their eyes as he guides them into a deep, hypnotic sleep. While he does manage to get Aria and Sonata to become very tired and relaxed, when he glances back at Adagio, he finds that the eldest Siren is starting to nod off as well. After quickly snapping her out of this state (with his other two subjects still completely zoned out), the hypnotist shoos Adagio out of the tent and claims that he ‘doesn’t do freebies’, forcing the eldest sister to wait outside while her sisters are inducted. About 20 minutes later, the hypnotist tells Adagio can come back in and when she re-enters the tent, she finds Sonata and Aria fast asleep on the couch, with the hypnotist saying that they will obey either of their commands.

Wanting to make sure that they are truly hypnotized (and that the hypnotist didn’t convince them to help trick her), Adagio commands Aria to remove her boots. Without opening her eyes, Aria reaches down, pulls off her boots (exposing her bare feet underneath), and discards them on the ground. This genuinely impresses Adagio, who then commands Sonata to remove her shoes and socks. Again, still in her slumber, the youngest Siren kicks off her sneakers and pulls off her socks, leaving her barefoot as well. After gathering up her sisters’ discarded footwear, Adagio (having gotten a mischievous idea) requests the hypnotist to install a trigger into Sonata and Aria that will turn them into her mindless slaves whenever she (and only she) snaps her fingers and says the word ‘Bedazzled’. Once that is done, she walks out of the tent and tosses her sisters’ shoes and socks in a nearby dumpster. She returns just in time to see the hypnotist (having implemented the requested trigger) wake Aria and Sonata from their trance. After the two fully snap back to reality, they look down at their bare feet as Aria asks her older sister what happened to their shoes. In response, Adagio makes up a lie that the two just took them off and threw them out as ‘some weird side-effect’ of the hypnosis, which the two younger Sirens actually buy. After paying the hypnotist for his services, the trio head out back to their bus…

As they make their way across the festival grounds, Sonata starts complaining that her feet are starting to get cold and asks if they can stop to get her some new shoes. Giving a groan, Aria retorts that her feet are starting to get dirty and tells he sister that (since they don’t have money to afford any extra shoes), she should just suck it up until they get back to the bus. The two then start arguing again, but this inspires Adagio to test out the trigger she requested earlier. Turning to face her sisters, she snaps her fingers and says the trigger phrase and almost immediately, Aria and Sonata stop yelling as they turn to face their oldest sister (addressing her as ‘Mistress Adagio’) with blank expressions on their faces, now completely under her control. Pleased that the hypnosis worked, Adagio quips to herself that hypnotists may not be ‘totally useless’ after all before instructing her enslaved, barefooted siblings to follow her back to their bus. As they continue their walk, Adagio gives a quick glance back at her hypnotized sisters (who are both walking with their arms straight in front of them like sleepwalkers) as she thinks of all the things she is going to make them do, intending on making Sonata give her a pedicure while Aria feeds her grapes. The eldest Siren smirks at this thought, silently musing that Aria and Sonata might serve some use to her after all….
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