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safe1556137 artist:andypriceart2937 idw14140 apple bloom46200 big macintosh26670 bon bon15481 crystal ball (character)5 daring do5981 derpy hooves47923 gallus5628 lyra heartstrings27498 nightmare moon15890 ocellus4388 owlowiscious1892 princess cadance30128 princess celestia89064 princess luna93161 sandbar4547 scootaloo48833 silverstream5160 smolder6424 starlight glimmer43013 sunset shimmer56696 sweetie belle46289 sweetie drops15481 tiberius363 trixie61182 yona4360 alicorn191158 bird6585 changedling7118 changeling39103 dragon46633 earth pony190728 griffon24415 hippogriff8104 opossum140 owl843 pegasus232679 pony827334 unicorn257891 yak3742 spoiler:comic10027 spoiler:comic7170 60s batman32 a nightmare on elm street33 barrel1408 batman2112 broom1611 calvin and hobbes104 captain america328 cauldron1016 clothes401399 costume24441 crescent moon1498 crystal ball474 cutie mark crusaders17535 donut1718 dragoness6485 elton john30 elvis presley47 female880416 filly58420 foal14655 food59392 fortune teller65 ghost costume51 gravestone747 grim grinning gala2 guitar4300 halloween6801 halloween costume1245 hat74684 hobbes11 holiday15695 it's the great pumpkin charlie brown!13 jack skellington86 jack-o-lantern2012 lantern1351 leaves1555 male299278 mare404626 mask5274 microphone4411 moon20707 mummy467 music notes2916 musical instrument6790 night22224 nightmare night4340 nightmare night costume1409 official comic2441 optimus prime934 peanuts (comic)35 preview1883 princess leia126 pumpkin3455 royal sisters3749 speakers634 stallion90435 star trek896 star wars2955 statue2069 student six1400 the nightmare before christmas166 the three stooges66 thought bubble2927 transformers3373 tree26884 tree stump438 upside down4955 witch costume143 witch hat2423


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #0D2D
@Frustration in Excelsis
That is Twilight Sparkle and her friends on the page before they would change costumes in time for the haunted house, which would be where Twilight Sparkle getting ready to lead Sandbar, Gallus, Ocellus, Smolder, Yona and SilverStream to!

So the second comment I posted makes sense. Before Twilight Sparkle and her friends would get their haunted house ready, they would have to go to the Grim Grinning Gala by dressing up as Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, Shermy, Violet and Pigpen in their Halloween costumes. As for Spike, he is dressed up as a mummy. Once they are at Grim Grinning Gala, they get their haunted house set up, change costumes and Twilight Sparkle will approach her six students, which will have Sandbar, Gallus, Ocellus, Smolder, Yona and SilverStream mistake their teacher for an old beggar woman.

Did I forget to tell you that Charlie Brown has a younger sister named Sally?
Frustration in Excelsis
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@Background Pony #10F6
Starlight's wearing a generic princess costume, Sunset's wearing a domino mask, and it doesn't seem like Trixie is wearing anything in particular.

@Background Pony #10F6
Not entirely sure how that follows from SecretTitan's comment, but in any case the mane six turn up later in this comic dressed up as something else.
Background Pony #0D2D
Then that must mean that the ponies who are dressed up as Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, Pigpen, Shermy and Violet in their Halloween costumes none other than Twilight Sparkle and her friends. I write down a list to tell you all who is who.

Rainbow Dash: Lucy van Pelt in her witch costume
Rarity: Shermy in his Mr. Hyde costume
Twilight Sparkle: Violet Grey in her ghost costume
Pinkie Pie: Pigpen in his ghost costume (Pinkie Pie’s bedsheet got dusty)
Fluttershy: Charlie Brown in his ghost costume (Fluttershy had a little bit of trouble with the scissors)
Applejack: Schroeder in his ghost costume (although her ghost costume has the same raccoon hat)
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