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This is something I've wanted to do for a while now. A redraw of one of the first of my pieces that blew up an any way. :D It was years ago, and I've been wanting to redo it to see how much I've improved. Not to mention, I've got a shiny new headcanon for Nightmare moon that I wanted to do an illustration for.

The color pallet for the old piece was fine at the time, but in the last year or so, all I've gotten as feedback is "Oh it looks like the black hole picture." Understandable, but annoying. :D Plus, the old one was a bit too dark for things like prints. This one's still dark, but it's better, and it's easier to edit the file to be lighter without messing the colors up.

As such, I'll be selling this as a print at conventions this year. I'll be at BABSCon in April, and am going to try for Everfree Northwest in the fall. If any of you are planning on being there, stop by my table in the vendor's hall!
safe (1505933) artist:turnipberry (136) nightmare moon (15543) alicorn (180200) pony (782653) armor (20330) bat wings (3237) cloud (30262) colored wings (4620) curved horn (5194) eclipse (550) female (830365) gradient wings (434) horn (32936) mare (377496) realistic anatomy (445) realistic horse legs (862) roar (237) sharp teeth (2790) sky (10552) slit eyes (3539) solar eclipse (241) solo (927796) spread wings (44495) stars (12418) teeth (7040) wing claws (294) wings (61922)


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