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Originally posted on: May 1, 2018
safe (1523586) alternate version (29741) artist:omegapony16 (639) oc (573945) oc only (393678) oc:oriponi (399) bat pony (40591) pony (798404) bat pony oc (12667) blushing (167891) censored (3415) clothes (388055) ear piercing (19724) earring (16523) earth (950) female (848046) frog (hoof) (9156) globe (270) heart (41319) jewelry (46120) mare (387945) piercing (32324) scarf (20245) underhoof (45026)


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Story Writer
@Background Pony #B0FA
I am not sure I am capable of asking the artist, I was merely going by what is already here and the alternative version being even more censored — to the point where the entire picture was covered besides the head. That, combined with the lack of erotic images of the character, led me to think that this is perhaps just designed to tease folks — some people do it! If there is more though, would love to see it, a rather cute character.
Background Pony #B0FA
A google translate of >>2255110, plus the existence of more versions (>>2258767) makes me think there maybe more, but I'm waiting to finish uploading all the pictures first in case I missed it. I'm only doing a handful per day to prevent spamming, so it might take a while before I'll ask. Feel free to ask the artist if you want; I know the full pic is not on pixiv either at least. 🙂