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I know it's an old thing, but Golden too (?), also i saw one and i decided to try one 😁
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@Background Pony #5BBB
I don't understand what the whole "friendzone vs. anti-friendzone" thing is about. Like, I'm not the kind of person to say "friendzone" but I don't have a problem with it if it's used in the right context and not in a whiny way. I would say, "I'm not their type" and then move on, or "they're not looking for anyone right now" or whatever depending on the situation and then move on… But someone could say they're in the friendzone and mean the same thing.

"So did you ask her out? How did it go?"
"Oh I'm in the friendzone, but no worries. Hey, wanna play a couple of rounds down at the poolhall?"
Proceeds to move on and not worry about it or whine, and maintains friendship with woman happily. That's literally all friendzone is. It doesn't have to be a big deal.

I don't see the problem with using the word friendzone like that. I actually used it a few times like that back when I first heard the term and didn't think anything of it. Only when I learned that some people go overboard with it and others have negative connotations of it did I change my personal word choice so not as to seem off-putting to people. But personally I don't see the point in assigning connotations based on stereotypes. Nice guys™ aren't the only ones who use it. There are punks, beer chugging douche-bro fratboys, nerds, mild-mannered church-goers, and everything else you can think of who use it on occasion, and not always in a whiny Nice guy™ way.
Background Pony #6359
@Background Pony #3C32
Ok, the concept of the "friendzone" may not have originated from Friends, but it was definitely popularized by it. Everything else I said was true though. The friendzone is such a Nice Guy™ concept, and Ross is the quintessential Nice Guy™ character, for which he is rightfully despised by many, myself included. There may be minor characters who are worse than Ross with the screen time they get, but Ross is a main character, so we get to see him being terrible over and over and over again.
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@Background Pony #5BBB

My gods, I hate that term. It originates from Friends, and it reminds me so much of Ross (the objective worst character on the show).

Literally everything you just said was wrong
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@Celestia's Servant
I don't recall anything about a work accident (though I may have just forgotten or missed it), but the rest is accurate. She's a widow, and the idea of losing a second spouse makes her reluctant to marry again.
Background Pony #6359
I'd be fine with it if Golden didn't want to marry me; I'd be happy just being friends (with or without benefits) with her. Of course, if she changed her mind at some point in the future, I'd be even happier, but if she never did, then oh well.

My gods, I hate that term. It originates from Friends, and it reminds me so much of Ross (the objective worst character on the show).