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My entry to the Extreme Outdoors Contest hosted by

This was inspired by a trip to the amusement park this summer, where I was riding two brand new attractions and one of those were an extreme roller coaster that went all over the place, and it was just amazing and so much fun!

So I thought to myself that it would be hilarious to see the mane six, and our favorite baby dragon, to go on a ride like that just to see their reactions.

Also, honing my SAI skills. I'm still very new to the program though.

Hope you enjoy ~

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safe1750171 artist:thefredricus11 applejack173251 fluttershy217229 pinkie pie220134 rainbow dash238536 rarity185562 spike80491 twilight sparkle306075 alicorn232844 dragon58712 earth pony265808 pegasus309033 pony1010223 unicorn342183 applejack's hat8403 cheek to cheek143 cheering823 contest entry154 cowboy hat17146 crying44803 embrace543 female1401613 fun364 gritted teeth13209 gums56 happy32177 hat90318 having fun52 holding3370 hooves in air247 hug29133 male387929 mane seven6670 mane six32557 mare502047 nose in the air1364 one eye closed32494 open mouth154250 roller coaster301 scared10759 screaming3538 teary eyes4398 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126182 uvula2242 varying degrees of amusement144 volumetric mouth817 windswept mane2866


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