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Solaria all hog tied for you!

This picture came about because I had asked DigiQrow about a commission. They suggested an art trade!

I was kinda shocked. I still consider my art to be below most folks', Digi's included. When they said art trade, I beamed from ear to ear over it, and this is what I came up with for them. Nude found at

I would just like to add, I had to edit the legs 4 times. Semi anthro limbs tied up and bent that way are hard to make look right ><;;
suggestive140925 alternate version44039 artist:darnelg152 oc674434 oc only442848 oc:solaria165 unicorn316362 semi-anthro13130 arm behind back5936 ballgag7021 bondage33216 bra15671 breasts273740 bridle3616 clothes453618 excessive chest fluff28 female1348120 femsub10639 frog (hoof)12578 gag14299 garters2757 glasses60941 heart eyes16050 hogtied575 hoofbutt1289 lingerie10382 looking at you165635 panties49697 rope11327 rope bondage3916 shibari1278 stockings32196 submissive16446 tack4523 thigh highs35606 underhoof51308 underwear60148 wingding eyes21887


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