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Happy New Year! …23 days after New Years… If I ever start patting myself on the back about how much faster I've gotten at making these over the last year, I'm going to remember this and how it almost took an entire month, and I didn't even make the background myself.

This could have been done much sooner if I hadn't committed to adding the Mane Six, Spike, the CMC and the Cake twins, but I was on a mission, sort of. This was a bit of a redo from my New Years picture from last year: It's the only piece I've made so far that I'm personally a little disappointed in. I started it late, I couldn't get a lot of my original posing to work, and I ended up cutting other characters I had planned to include, like Applejack and Apple Bloom cuddling up under a blanket, and Twilight freezing in the cold. I couldn't think of anything else to do for New Years, so I decided to take another crack at realizing that idea and see if I couldn't do better this time.

Anyway, enough with my prattling. Happy New Year to you all, I'll see you for Valentine's Day.

If you haven't seen them yet, you can find my Christmas/Hearth's Warming pictures over here:

The Background was originally made by BonesWolbach:


The night time variant was made by Foxy-Noxy:


The winter variation was my own edit.
safe1552952 anonymous artist2177 apple bloom46146 applejack157081 big macintosh26636 fluttershy195591 pinkie pie201200 pound cake2337 pumpkin cake2125 rainbow dash216985 rarity167746 scootaloo48785 spike74023 sweetie belle46240 twilight sparkle279062 alicorn190573 pony824882 series:fm holidays76 blanket4590 boots18232 cake twins406 cloak3754 clothes399926 cold851 crossed legs2642 cutie mark crusaders17504 earmuffs1063 female877367 fire9813 fire breath493 fireworks1733 fluttermac2615 freezing177 glasses53575 gloves16730 happy new year1031 happy new year 202085 hat74491 holding a pony2496 holiday15671 hood1125 hoof gloves90 jacket10495 lineless3436 looking at something2219 looking up13728 male298465 mane seven5837 mane six28886 mouth hold15159 new year862 no pupils3386 nose in the air938 novelty glasses3 open mouth120068 party horn476 ponyville4908 ponyville town hall243 rocket735 scarf20744 shared clothing606 shared sweater5 shipping180899 shoes28882 siblings5637 smiling209256 snow12391 sparkler (firework)87 straight119962 sweater12931 top hat3630 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113596 twins1901 winter3930


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