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I guess I am only one noticed


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Background Pony #7EB5
Their faces are so catlike now that Hasbro needed to give them unshorn fetlocks so people can still tell they're supposed to ponies. lol

This style makes me miss when G1-G3 actually gave them horse-like heads. The nose muzzle is weird. G4 was a good balance until some episodes of the last two seasons.
Background Pony #CD2B
Normally don't bother commenting on screencap BS but the fact that you make this assumption when you probably have not even SEEN any episodes of G1 is baffling. If you bothered to look at ANY of the female designs you'd notice there are no fetlocsks on their hooves; as someone mentioned before that is a trait specific to the males, and even then they only ever appeared in ONE G1 storyline.

Actually bother to some research before you make public assumptions next time, dude, instead of grabbing one screencap and declaring it a thing. :P
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Background Pony #961E
I know that episode. Those are the Big Brother ponies specifically; i.e. just like in G4 typically only males had unshorn fetlocks in G1. It was one of the few distinctions. That and the sligthtly more angular face.

So unless they're all boys now, it's not related. I think it's just a detail they wanted to add distinctive hooves and didn't want trimmed fetlocks because that doesn't look as visually interesting.
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