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Current Weight: 300lbs

Thank you so much to everyone who's donated so far!! If you'd like to see her get even BIGGER, donations can be sent here! <3


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suggestive143180 artist:mulberrytarthorse396 oc685580 oc only449282 oc:mulberry tart307 pony969039 unicorn324060 series:feed the beast4 advertisement8711 belly28524 belly button78000 big belly11374 dialogue65595 fat22146 fat fetish1550 female1364501 fetish40037 fundraiser43 hoof on belly278 incentive drive221 ko-fi77 mare481367 one eye closed30801 sitting63348 smiling248898 squishy2552 underhoof52149 weight gain4270 wink24779


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