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So, this drawing came as a result of me headcanoning some stuff about what Sombra's first rule over Crystal Empire was like.

The empire itself, while shielded physically from snow and ice by the hidden, de-powered Crystal Heart, was a cold place, something that the removed Crystal Heart had no power to shield from. Due to this, sheep's wool became a very popular fabric, giving warmth during the colder months (during summer it was actually kinda pleasant temp-wise)and being cheap enough for even slaves to own. Crystal Ewes were rarer and smaller, so their colored fur was more expensive, afforded only by what few nobles willingly served Sombra thus being allowed such luxuries and of course, the King himself.

Saddle-Arabian trade was booming during the era, including in the Crystal Empire. Luxury items such as spices and silks were traded for precious gemstones and other minerals that were dug up using slave labor, from the nearby mountains rich in various ores and gems. These included amongst others, iron, gold, Silver and copper. Silk covers for the woolen ones for beds and chairs became fashionable amongst the small amount of elite in the Crystal Empire.

As crystals were abundant, both magically conductive ones and plain, crystal was the main Building material due its fireproof nature compared to wood more commonly seen in Equestrian houses. Crystals also gave the empire its iconic look, which was seen rather fancy during the era, and masterfully made (and after re-appearing, the stonecraft still continues to amaze some architechts.)
safe1556880 artist:sourcherry291 king sombra12548 pony827976 umbrum1096 unicorn258238 armor21330 bed35557 bedroom8142 cape8817 chest fluff31594 clothes401755 crown13528 horn40666 jewelry49210 pillow15065 regalia15759 sheet423 solo960306 wool44


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