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safe (1502151) artist:candyclumsy (484) applejack (153635) rainbow dash (211655) rarity (163631) earth pony (172687) pegasus (212951) pony (779274) unicorn (233724) comic:don't play with potions (56) accident (1075) angry (21530) barn (2512) blushing (164690) body horror (1018) bulging (59) clothes (382025) comic (95504) commissioner:bigonionbean (917) coughing (195) cowboy hat (11718) facehoof (1562) gas (345) hat (70680) pain (1408) panicking (152) shattered glass (53) sorry (146) sweet apple acres (2325) transformation (8928) transformation sequence (706) writer:bigonionbean (678) wtf (1957)


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11 comments posted
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emu War veteran..
Well I'm not really the one who illustrated the piece, so if you have questions further regarding the frame, I think. The artist herself can answer that for you. Otherwise I do not know what to say.