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While gaming, Sunset Shimmer feels a big fart coming. So she raises her rear end in the air and lets it all out, then gets back to her game.

Couldn't resist doing a fart edit of her in this position.
safe1577122 artist:thedarkpony135 edit117819 edited screencap56160 screencap199625 sunset shimmer57709 equestria girls180433 game stream548 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11725 bunset shimmer1347 butt27669 clothes409653 cropped43937 fart1902 fart edit89 fart noise616 female900565 jeans3333 onomatopoeia3276 pants12277 solo974189 sound effects1610


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Background Pony #9863
Laziest edit I've seen yet… and in comic sans, no less? What's the bronyverse coming to?
The Dark Pony

I still feel awkward about tagging fart pics or implied wetting pics "safe", but that's how the mods said it goes, and people can still filter those out.

And I don't know what makes this one more disliked than my previous ones but no more fart edits from here. I'll just stick with pee edits. Even the Rainbow Dash implied wetting I was a little nervous about got more upvotes than downvotes.
The Dark Pony

Me neither. Or any of the main Equestria Girls.

Which is why stuff like that is probably better suited for fanfiction and fanart, as much as I like the high chances of Fleur wetting her shorts before she reaches the front of the bathroom line.
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@The Dark Pony

and if i'm gonna make an educated guess, there'd be a lot less people who would like that as opposed to those who wouldn't, so if an episode was homing in on those hopes, it'd be throwing a lot of people under the bus.
The Dark Pony

@Background Pony #B14D
If she did she'd have to make it (unless they did a subtle wetting, like Fleur being at the back of the bathroom line looking desperate letting us speculate what happened from there) and that wouldn't interest me any more than Pinkie's potty emergency did in The Last Roundup.

But I guess some people are into desperation, though anyone who isn't might dislike such an episode.
Background Pony #6EB2
I don’t know about that, but if a third season of the digital series MAYBE there might be a short where somethings going on while sunset has a bathroom emergency (number one). We just have to pray and hope.