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Originally posted on: August 20, 2015
Hey guys sorry for the incognito status, but I am still alive believe it or not hahaha. Anyways I am working on more stuff and going to be making a lot of new changes soon so stay in touch and we shall see what I come up with next hahaha. Have a great day guys.
safe (1501422) artist:petanoprime (130) oc (566392) oc only (385195) oc:electric sketch (18) anthro (213833) pegasus (212640) arm hooves (4685) chest fluff (28880) clothes (381722) female (825484) freckles (22795) grayscale (32567) monochrome (139937) pencil (3025) signature (16521) solo (924709) traditional art (103441) wide eyes (15497)


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