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Originally posted on: June 3, 2015
Man I had an amazing time at Everfree Northwest and it was exactly what I needed. My love for ponies was slowly dying and the weekend at a convention where everyone loves ponies and encourage to love ponies ignited my flame once again. With this came my love for my new favorite Pony, Fluttershy. I have always loved this pony and well I think it's time she got into 1st place in my books. While on the trip I thought of this great idea of Fluttershy in a costume by the character Morrigan, a fighter from the Capcom fighting game series, Darkstalkers. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed drawing it.
safe (1504948) artist:petanoprime (130) fluttershy (191535) anthro (214686) bat (1594) bat pony (39422) unguligrade anthro (40045) bat ponified (1788) blush sticker (1950) blushing (165049) clothes (383182) female (829136) flutterbat (6255) full moon (2692) grayscale (32633) monochrome (140256) moon (20054) race swap (11791) signature (16655) sitting (50489) smiling (198094) smirk (10018) solo (927058) text (45070) throne (2601) traditional art (103721)


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