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Originally posted on: December 2, 2014
I had to do a piece for my art class that represented the idea of atmospheric perspective, the effect when things disappear in the distance due to the particles in the atmosphere. I've never done this before so it was quite the experience for me to try this out. I definitely understand this idea a little better now since I actually practiced it. OH and of course I threw in Fluttershy of course cuz man is she so darn cute!
safe (1501411) artist:petanoprime (130) fluttershy (191211) pegasus (212638) pony (778538) female (825476) forest (8187) grayscale (32567) leaf umbrella (17) lilypad (181) mare (374696) monochrome (139937) outdoors (6403) prone (21708) rain (5275) signature (16521) solo (924697) stray strand (305) traditional art (103439) tree (25285)


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