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Standard pegasus version of >>2250140

This version, the alicorn version, and the SVG file with both versions are included in the ZIP folder.

Original cutie mark by Sinkbon
Cozy Glow © Hasbro
Vector and Rainbow Power design © NC-TV (lincolnbrewsterfan)
safe (1500160) artist:lincolnbrewsterfan (51) cozy glow (5078) pegasus (212219) .svg available (7101) colored wings (4575) confident (431) glow (3534) glowing mane (322) glowing tail (32) gradient hooves (479) gradient wings (431) rainbow power (2575) rainbow power-ified (637) simple background (315499) smiling (196983) solo (923763) transparent background (164442) vector (69361) wings (60903) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2158)


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