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All creatures great and small!
Edited by @20Wenni

suggestive125915 artist:jargon scott2059 artist:wenni220 gallus5619 ocellus4375 sandbar4536 changedling7083 changeling38926 earth pony189796 griffon24370 pony824552 animated90876 crying39372 funny3562 funny as hell432 gallus has a tiny dick10 gallus the bantam cawk16 implied cloaca5 implied intersex2 implied large penis1 implied penis278 implied small penis15 male298308 meme77844 part of a set9171 penis inspection day7 simple background336690 small penis humiliation345 sound6434 stallion90103 webm9647 white background84519


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That "Boop Edit" guy
One day our teacher, Miss Pinkie Pie, said there was an inspector comming in.
She said, he wasn't going to inspect us, he was going to inspect our penises.
Smolder was sitting in front of me and she said: Click "That's really hot!"
Later that day he came in(, he had a moustache).
There we all were, sitting in our rows, behind our desks, breathing very, very quietly. And he looked at our penises.
Jonny Manz
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I am who I am
I always felt like, since their back halves are lion, griffons have mammalian anatomy back there (same with hippogriffs, just replace “lion” with “pony”). It’s also the reason I see both species as having live births rather than laying eggs.
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Word Bug
@Background Pony #65AC
Actually, no. They have a pseudopenis. The big differences are:
It's part of their cloaca
It doesn't use blood to inflate
It falls off each year

So, despite what Ze Frank might tell you in his very strange video, it is not actually a penis.