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Two hot pony lesbians celebrate over the fact that they got to Disney-I mean Whinnyland itself.
safe1599343 artist:andypriceart2991 idw14523 applejack161190 rarity172359 earth pony210402 pegasus251719 pony868422 unicorn278509 friends forever356 spoiler:comic10238 spoiler:comicff850 background pony9555 didney worl85 duo focus737 female1272086 male338159 mare432161 official comic2456 stallion95784 unnamed pony1929 whinnyland30


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Background Pony #3A4B

I really like that issue. Applejack wondering several times if she can pet the goats or if they would be offended. A goat eating the season 5 script. Them accidentally crashing into a pony version of Mount Rushmore.
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Return Of The Mack
I never knew that there would exist something in this mortal plane as bizarre as two cartoon horses who are definitely not lesbians and getting all excited over a Disney Land parody but here we are.