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After meeting Hazard Goldy would invite him over and they would play games together. Hazard wasn't good at them because he didn't own any himself but he loved watching Goldy play and was always super excited to watch. Hazard liked it because it made Goldy happy, but he also thought the games were super cool too.

Hi! my artist name is ArtDBait and i am an artist.

I started an image series called "Goldy and Hazard" which follows the two ponies as they live their day to day lives and sometimes talk about their childhood. i hope you like it~

Commissions are OPEN 5 dollars per character per image and every image comes with a simple background if you want one.

if you want something complex we can talk about the price, but generally it will be 5 dollars.

you can find my older work here

if you dont want/need a picture you could tell your friends about me. The more commissions i get the more art i can make for everyone!
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