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the filly adventures continue indoors but they don't go too well
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Everyone has that kind of group of friends.
Apogee is the childish fun one
Luftkrieg is the lovable hot one
Zala is the sensible nerdy one
Anon is the… Well, I ain't got words for it. Basically they're the one who likes to fuck with ponies by spreading myths like… "If you don't crush a can before you toss it, a rat will get it's head trapped in it and won't get out" or something

I'm the Childish Fun one in my group
Straight Edge

it's hip to be square
See if you can find an "Adventurers League" group near you. Adventurers League is for people who aren't able to form groups with friends but want to play anyway. Since it consists of strangers playing together, and thus players aren't really trying to impress each other, there isn't much roleplaying. Less fluff, more crunch.
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@Joseph Raszagal
The group I mention has multiple DMs and three or four tables, one for each DM, and players freely choosing who to go to when since there is no continuous campaign, so there's that.
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