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What would happen if Kenny was a regular character on MLP in Season 1?
semi-grimdark30712 artist:90sigma854 artist:pony-berserker936 artist:somepony191 apple bloom51595 berry punch6689 berryshine6689 derpy hooves51002 fluttershy219008 nightmare moon17346 philomena1092 pinkie pie221811 princess luna101370 scootaloo52184 sweetie belle50021 twilight sparkle308388 alicorn236057 bird8985 cockatrice543 earth pony274282 human160517 parasprite2067 pegasus316439 phoenix1818 pony1029485 comic:my little kenny: dying is magic3 applebuck season904 dragonshy960 feeling pinkie keen847 friendship is magic3072 over a barrel800 season 12778 stare master666 swarm of the century744 the show stoppers590 winter wrap up1122 2013795 aaaaaaaaaa298 accident1304 alternate hairstyle29407 ambiguous gender2104 aneurysm5 angry28433 anvil202 ash157 atomised2 atomized2 bed42884 bed sheet6 bird in the hoof2 bone3226 breaking28 bucket2472 burning632 catching86 clothes482537 comic112422 costume29257 couch8845 cracking38 crossover64176 crushed140 cutie mark crusaders19424 dark4662 dark comedy656 day1559 death5533 dialogue68996 diving323 dropping85 dropping dead2 dying274 eaten21 eating10089 eek22 english1023 everfree forest2096 faceplant688 female1418214 filly70876 flapping737 flying40030 food poisoning15 forest10757 fountain624 frown23901 fumes13 galloping373 gimp366 glowing5282 glowing horn20936 gritted teeth13526 hall61 happy32585 holding3458 hospital1527 house2399 humor1021 icicle105 implied death2699 incineration35 indoors3563 inkscape1960 joke1206 kenny mccormick95 kyle broflovski74 laughing8399 lidded eyes32277 lying3816 magic76357 magic glow213 male393956 mare510823 murder1513 nauseous114 night27861 oh my god they killed kenny15 on back25320 onomatopoeia4728 oops522 open mouth158094 outdoors11976 parody15858 pet1975 petrification1001 playing1536 poisened2 ponyville6139 poster5547 prone26667 raised arm335 raised fist30 raised hand67 red eyes6678 roadkill25 room1345 sad25385 scared10916 screaming3587 shaking fist4 shocked7354 sick1764 sitting66526 skeleton1998 smiling266601 smoke2707 smoke poisoning2 snow14238 sorry177 south park659 speech bubble24891 spread wings58142 stan marsh70 standing13299 stanley marsh4 statue2430 surprised9728 swarm133 television2590 terrified435 tongue out109936 tracks49 train2608 train tracks151 tree34139 tv show75 vector78447 vomit657 vomiting370 walking5028 wall of tags3760 watching1324 watching television2 watching tv129 water14451 water fountain51 wide eyes17538 wings126717 worried4091 yelling3241 yo-yo75


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