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What would happen if Kenny was a regular character on MLP in Season 1?
semi-grimdark29718 artist:90sigma838 artist:pony-berserker838 artist:somepony191 apple bloom49004 berry punch6526 berryshine6526 derpy hooves49887 fluttershy210894 nightmare moon16769 philomena1067 pinkie pie214599 princess luna98476 scootaloo50978 sweetie belle48676 twilight sparkle298375 alicorn221264 bird8094 cockatrice525 earth pony242405 human152877 parasprite2035 pegasus285287 phoenix1762 pony951282 comic:my little kenny: dying is magic3 applebuck season857 dragonshy906 feeling pinkie keen801 friendship is magic2811 over a barrel760 season 1638 stare master622 swarm of the century709 the show stoppers558 winter wrap up1076 2013738 aaaaaaaaaa285 accident1243 alternate hairstyle27714 ambiguous gender2047 aneurysm5 angry26788 anvil197 ash152 atomised2 atomized2 bed40336 bed sheet4 bird in the hoof2 bone2962 breaking27 bucket2306 burning606 catching84 clothes453374 comic108046 costume27157 couch8067 cracking34 crossover61578 crushed130 cutie mark crusaders18895 dark4493 dark comedy643 day1246 death5290 dialogue64503 diving299 dropping69 dropping dead2 dying272 eaten19 eating9496 eek20 english935 everfree forest1960 faceplant662 female1347550 filly65471 flapping715 flying37637 food poisoning12 forest10047 fountain594 frown22593 fumes13 galloping360 gimp359 glow4305 glowing horn19281 gritted teeth11961 hall60 happy30767 holding3075 hospital1482 house2229 humor973 icicle98 implied death2561 incineration35 indoors2960 inkscape1759 joke1171 kenny mccormick95 kyle broflovski74 laughing7882 lidded eyes30114 lying3630 magic72391 magic glow198 male367043 mare472754 murder1423 nauseous108 night25921 oh my god they killed kenny15 on back24130 onomatopoeia4090 oops490 open mouth142359 outdoors10317 parody15572 pet1892 petrification942 playing1470 poisened2 ponyville5736 poster5225 prone25210 raised arm299 raised fist26 raised hand62 red eyes6029 roadkill23 room1129 sad24321 scared10334 screaming3349 shaking fist4 shocked6836 sick1726 sitting62290 skeleton1854 smiling243527 smoke2537 smoke poisoning2 snow13722 sorry165 south park651 speech bubble22887 spread wings53764 stan marsh70 standing11981 stanley marsh4 statue2300 surprised9130 swarm132 television2438 terrified399 tongue out102208 tracks46 train2482 train tracks138 tree31764 tv show71 vector76192 vomit607 vomiting337 walking4691 wall of tags2958 watching1190 watching television2 watching tv122 water12918 water fountain45 wide eyes16909 wings103889 worried3875 yelling3054 yo-yo74


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