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No shame

This art was drawn for 2-4 hours.. yeah. Is that how much I can spend on art without making background and scneario for art!

Also for this… pose I inspired by Baron Engel artworks. He is very good in making ponies in cartoonish way with very interesting poses. Definitely good, yes. I mean, I heard opinion as "ooooo its very hard to make ponies look cartoooooonish with anatomical correct rules, and weee make ponies with shouldeeers and faaaaces like just human haaaave (looking on you, hasbro)" so here's Baron Engel that show.. it's not impossible somehow.

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safe1576262 artist:nevobaster199 fleur-de-lis3335 pony846315 unicorn266501 adorasexy8014 black background4476 blushing175989 cute177537 dock44011 female899884 looking at you144040 mare415841 miss fleur is trying to seduce us171 one eye closed25231 sexy23823 side6438 simple background345912 stupid sexy fleur-de-lis144 tail wrap5927


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