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Name: Skipper

Nickname(s): Skipps

Species: Pegasus

Sibling(s): None

Parents: Scootaloo & Rumble

Skipps is sorta of a worry-sum kind of stallion. He is always getting concerned of things his friend group does,tho,that doesn't stop him from sometimes being a curious, care-free foal. He's more of a calm little guy compared to his other friends. Since Skipps is a only child,his family made sure to give him all the love and attention he can get. Tho,sometimes,he wished he had a sibling to keep him company,which sometimes made him jealous of his best friend,Cookie Dough,since he had 2 sisters. Tho,since he doesn't have any siblings,he considers his friend group to be his siblings,since some of them don't have any siblings as well.Out of all his friends,he's possibly the most smartest,and the most timid then anything. He's also pretty popular at school,since both his parents are professional wonder-bolts,plus,his grandparents are also famous for their wicked abilities on capturing dangerous animals from the ever-free. Despite all the attention he gets,he doesn't really seem to enjoy it.

Thunder Lane and Skipp are very close relatives. Skipps loves to watch his uncle do impressive tricks,since Thunder Lane is a professional wonder-bolt. Thunder Lane is pretty wise,and is always giving Skipps good advise on how to become a wonder-bolt one day.

Skipps and his family have a great relationship. The small family are always on adventures,and always taking care of one another,no matter what. Their bond as a family is unbreakable.

Like Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo,Rainbow Dashe's son,Blue Ash,and Skipps,are just like siblings. Blue Ash is a HUGE role model to Skips. Skips,in his opinion,would rather hang out with Ash,other than his silly friend group.

Special Facts:
-Skipps is secretly obsessed with the washouts. He keeps this secret to himself,and has never told anyone about it,since he knows he can get deeply in trouble because of it.
-Skipps is actually terrified of flying/heights. He prefers being on his skateboard than anything. Tho,he can fly off the ground,as long as he's not to high up.
-His uncle,Thunder Lane,gave Skipps a skateboard for his 5th birthday,and his like his mother,he got attached to it ever since,and rides it all the time.

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