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Oh, i absolutely forgot about this cursed thing. Dunno if it's gonna display correctly, but whatever
safe (1525702) artist:shydale (307) oc (575169) oc:yodi (272) original species (21064) pony (800645) snake (2225) snake pony (489) unicorn (244481) :3 (3748) animated at source (550) collar (27281) cute (167827) floppy ears (44843) flying (32843) glasses (52125) gray background (5666) horn (36429) male (289467) ocbetes (3957) simple background (325738) slit eyes (3729) smiling (203118) snek (98) solo (939184) stallion (86663) tailcopter (71)


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The Smiling Pony
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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You see, when twitter adds the "GIF" text to an image, they actually mean "go fuck yourself and your expectations that we're not lying to you and instead just lossfully compressing and obfuscating content in order to force you to access it exclusively through twitter".