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These are very late, but I thought someone might still want them. I had problems with my equipment and sadly couldn't finish them sooner.
First one (top left): this one is based off a Christmas tree. I had the most fun designing this one.
Second one (top right): is supposed to represent candy canes.
Owner: GrimLilac
Third one (bottom left): this one was based off a Christmas pudding, though I don't know how much it looks like one.
Fourth one: this one was inspired by gingerbread cookies.
safe (1505562) artist:hunterthewastelander (201) oc (569082) oc only (387198) earth pony (174063) pegasus (214466) pony (782380) chest fluff (29081) christmas (11786) christmas lights (1327) ear fluff (20533) eye clipping through hair (3538) female (830031) grin (30379) holiday (15155) holly (1513) hooves (15544) male (283133) mare (377326) simple background (317556) smiling (198256) spread wings (44485) stallion (83167) starry eyes (2600) two toned wings (1182) white background (79391) wingding eyes (17672) wings (61872)


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