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She's taking a break from all the crowds inside the inn to read a book in the quiet crisp snow
safe (1504474) artist:ardail (252) starlight glimmer (40858) anthro (214570) unicorn (234795) aurora borealis (386) blushing (164978) book (28775) clothes (382982) cute (163551) eye clipping through hair (3526) female (828597) fence (2346) glimmerbetes (3130) high res (19004) jacket (9688) mare (376418) miniskirt (4353) mountain (4076) pleated skirt (3689) profile (4686) scarf (19818) sitting (50448) skirt (33622) sky (10538) snow (12031) snowfall (4074) socks (53071) solo (926747) thigh highs (25869) visible breath (84) winter (3839) winter coat (102) zettai ryouiki (1610)


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11 comments posted
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Understandable, I like those things aswell.
I just can't get over the fact how gorgeous this image is. It just gives me a warm feeling inside, despite it's being set in a winter landscape.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

IMHO this deserves even more views and likes. The background alone is so detailed. Starlight looks so very cute here and the situation you wrote in the description is relatable. I have the urge to just sit next to her and enjoy the silence and her company.
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Coffey Hors
wow I hardly ever get more then a few hundred likes on here, super surprising to see how much attention this has gotten
Just glad it wasn't a bunch of wasted time and effort on my part going all out on it ;;