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Originally posted on: April 4, 2014
A ref reuploaded from my main account, Bloom and Blossom are my babies, i won her in a DTA and just love her

Name: Bloom
Plant Name: Blossom
Gender: Female
Talent: She has a knack for making perfumes and such from flowers for aromatherapy. She also likes to breed rare flowers and makes everything from scratch.
Personality: Bubbly and easily excited, usually very shy.
Bio: Bloom lives in a home she built on her own, she works there making everything she needs for her aromatherapy business. She grows her own flowers, mixes her own solutions, even tests them out on herself before even trying to use it on other ponies. There have been some mishaps where she's fainted and Blossom has thrown water on her or licked her face to wake her up. She enjoys seeing other ponies relax though she needs to make sure Blossom is fed and full before trying to help any ponies or else they might end up lunch.

Other side ref

Base by Cherryblossoms-Bases
Bloom and Blossom- Me
Plant ponies belong to Ao-i and SushiStarBomb
safe (1522975) artist:axolotlshy (332) oc (573500) oc only (393425) oc:bloom (19) oc:blossom (83) original species (20961) plant pony (590) augmented tail (932) base used (13430) colored hooves (4065) flower (20648) flower in hair (6093) hair over one eye (7721) neckerchief (1306) open mouth (116012) plant (1665) raised hoof (36498) simple background (324489) solo (937326) tail mouth (94) transparent background (169363)


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