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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Melee attack: 1
Melee defense: 1
Armor: 1
Charge Bonus: 2
Anti-Air skill: 15
Reload: 10
Ammunition: 15
Range: 80
Morale: 2
Soldiers in Unit: 100

Produced from: Barracks
Special Abilities: Explosive or Incendiary rockets — Switch unit between firing modes to set fire to entrenchments or explode to deal AOE damage against all ground and air units
Zebra Province Restrictions: Can only be recruited from the Wue Midland provinces
Requirements: National Enlistment

Description: The Zebras of the Wue hills and valleys of the Zebra Empire's north were once a collection of independent fiefdoms ruled by independent rulers, or sawbwas. As a collective, they formed into a patchwork of small villages held close together and in the shadow of their masters' looming keeps. But the land which they called home was fertile and in far ancient times they held considerable sway over the affairs of others from their high fertile hill and mountain slopes where the river water ran rich with from the high rocks, and valley soils before meandering into the central savannas and growing still and lazy until the rains came and flooded the vast plains until it became like a great shallow sea.

There in the hills and mountains the Wuexing or the Wavering Zebras honed a martial art known as "goat style" that in later centuries would be the template on which many other Zebra martial arts were grafted. As well, the petty desires of their many feudal warlords to become immortal and to chase the elixir of life lended towards a culture of alchemists and chemists who came upon many basic potent and energetic compounds, least of all gunpowder which spread far and wide but would not become fully harnessed as a weapon until this late war.

When the Wuexing were conquered by their mightier and more organized counterparts the dense hills and valley fortresses of the Wuexing proved to be just strong enough to grant the Zebras living there an iota of autonomy from the rest of the Imperial politics even after the treaties of cessation and annexation were made. The ruling sawbwas remained in their castles and palaces and eventually became governors and no longer warlords. Gunpowder became spectacle and with it a trade of handlers and manufacturers and those who realized its potential. Due to their craft and talent with the material the Wue do not require any further investment into developing their trades for war and are quick to offer up their explosive or incendiary talents.


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