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In Project Horizons when Blackjack returned to stable 99. She had some memory's of trying to stand up for a fellow filly against her abusive mother. But Gin rummy stopped her. I can't remember if blackjack said if she ever got punished like this. But the quick idea of Gin rummy having to give her daughter a spanking afterwards seemed possible. So I came up with this. Thought this could seem very hard for Blackjack.

Blackjack: Sobs But Mum I thought you said security save's ponies.
Gin Rummy: Well yes we are Fishy, but sometime's security can't save everyone. I need you to know that Go Fish.

Artist note's Couldn't remember if they described Gin Rummy's cutie mark, so I made her mark a winning hand of the card game Gin Rummy… Yes I know that her name as well. Ponies name's are weird and on the point.

Fallout Equestria by kkat and Project Horizons by Somber
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