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they runn
safe1787162 artist:dimfann1066 applejack175861 pinkie pie223183 rainbow dash241879 spike81647 twilight sparkle310546 dragon60560 earth pony281452 pegasus323739 pony1098263 series:pony re-watch47 fall weather friends783 :p9953 airship1002 applejack's hat9149 autumn1793 bound wings3808 cowboy hat18052 cutie mark51208 female1435485 freckles31109 frog (hoof)14581 hat93474 hot air balloon1016 looking at each other22405 mare519655 megaphone353 raspberry1064 running6309 running of the leaves180 slowpoke387 smiling273238 tongue out111726 tree34754 twinkling balloon434 underhoof55314 wings131399


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Pubilq Phirm
My HC is that a pegasus who doesn’t have their wings tied is slower on the ground than an earth pony because they are focused on building speed for flight instead of distance.
Background Pony #B014
i notice there’s a ‘looking at each other’ tag for this image but not the ‘shipping’ tag, what gives?
Wallet After Summer Sale -

It’s always so nostalgic looking at Season 1-3 pictures nowadays. It feels like only yesterday I was watching this episode for the first time, even though I know it was over eight years ago.