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they runn

safe1678794 artist:dimfann1043 applejack167684 pinkie pie213562 rainbow dash230911 spike77920 twilight sparkle296977 dragon54610 earth pony238564 pegasus281258 pony941292 series:pony re-watch39 fall weather friends734 :p8560 airship928 applejack's hat6833 autumn1607 bound wings3468 cowboy hat15205 cutie mark46755 female1338242 freckles27959 frog (hoof)12279 hat84539 hot air balloon945 looking at each other19441 mare467543 megaphone319 raspberry984 running5833 running of the leaves172 slowpoke387 smiling240917 tongue out101157 tree31427 twilight sparkle's balloon6 underhoof50758 wings101532


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My HC is that a pegasus who doesn't have their wings tied is slower on the ground than an earth pony because they are focused on building speed for flight instead of distance.
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Background Pony #B014
i notice there's a 'looking at each other' tag for this image but not the 'shipping' tag, what gives?
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

It's always so nostalgic looking at Season 1-3 pictures nowadays. It feels like only yesterday I was watching this episode for the first time, even though I know it was over eight years ago.
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