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Retrieving Fluttershy’s Homework
Part 3/8:

Sunset: Okay Pinkie, when you’re ready, you can unlock the door.

Pinkie: Okie Dokie.

She then pulls out a hair pin from her cotton candy hair… and sniffed it.

Pinkie: Mmm. Strawberry.

She managed to pick the lock on the door in front of her, pull it open and steps inside. But then she stopped.

Pinkie: Wait a minute now. If I go in headfirst, my tummy and bummy will be to big to fit through. Not this time.

She then turned herself sideways and then walk through the door. But, her belly, breasts and bottom still wedged her stiff into the door.

Pinkie: Oof! Oh, come on tummy, let me through. Hhhnnnngg! Owie! (Sigh)

She pulls out her phone.

Sunset: Pinkie? How’s it going? Are you in yet?

Pinkie: Well, there is a teensy weensy incy problem.

Sunset: You’re stuck, aren’t you?

Pinkie: How did you know?

Sunset: There’s a clue right below you.

Pinkie: Yeah, i thought it was my winter clothes for a second, but then I realised it was my tummy. You traitor! I thought we were friends!

Sunset: Seriously Pinkie, wasn’t there a bigger door around you’re area?

Pinkie: No.

Sunset: (sigh) No worry. We still got 4 more alternatives. I’ll send for help once the mission is over, okay?

She hung up and rang another number.

Sunset: Rarity? Pinkie has wedged herself into the door. You’re up next.

Rarity: Okay. (Hangs up) Alright, let’s do this. For Fluttershy!

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