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Yet another recursive ponified-EQG-ified. This is one of the lazier ones, but really all of them are lazy. Lots of wristbands/bracelets, shirt with his CM on it, and hat. Exciting. I have already lost the original photo this was based off of last (i mean 2018) year so F for that.
safe1749934 artist:lightningbolt918 derpibooru exclusive29303 pegasus308959 pony1010011 .svg available8462 backwards ballcap922 baseball cap2191 bracelet10005 cap4793 chains5106 clothes475759 equestria girls ponified4376 folded wings6530 hat90299 jewelry68149 lidded eyes31771 looking at you175572 male387831 nose piercing2804 pierce the veil110 piercing43078 ponified41992 raised hoof48403 shirt26159 simple background408932 solo1094022 stallion115655 svg3701 t-shirt4659 transparent background208727 vector77863 vic fuentes79 watch1471 wings122991 wristband3822


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