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Ooh, that's interesting. It reminds me that one of the things I really like about the 1st edition Pathfinder bestiaries is that they include unique group names for their monsters when listing the numbers they're likely to be found in — a tangle of cave fishers, a flight of chimeras, a clutch of chokers, an inquisition of bone devils, a court of contract devils, a wing of gargoyles, a grove of treants, a knot of fey creatures, a rout of flail snails, a beaching of globsters… a pity the 2nd edition bestiaries don't seem to be doing this anymore.

I also recall a story where a group of wyverns is referred to as a calamity.

Personally, I like "a choir of angels", "a haunting of ghosts" and a "a conflagration of dragons".

I think I may have busted my diaphragm.
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@Background Pony #51DD

Don't forget: a blessing of unicorns.

…Considering what violent rage beasts unicorns were in the old myths, kinda wonder why they got such a nice group name, come to think about it. Same logic as The Fair Folk, maybe? As in, DON'T insult the magical horror that can kill us all, I guess?
Background Pony #51DD
See also: A busyness of ferrets, a flamboyance of flamingos, a pandemonium of platypi, a dazzle of zebras, and a shiver of sharks.