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suggestive148385 alternate version49937 artist:rainbowsprinklesart584 cloudchaser3885 pegasus309676 anthro269819 armpits43409 bed42393 bedroom10953 belly button81432 blushing204872 bra16514 breasts288996 busty cloudchaser256 camisole146 clothes476470 crop top bra1045 erect nipples11456 female1403153 lamp2769 mismatched underwear73 nipple outline7876 panties51508 pillow18671 pink underwear4336 purple underwear2190 ribbon7268 signature26989 underwear62527


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Sunset Shimmer
Also, it’s such a damn shame Hasbro COMPLETELY forgot this character.
She had one of the best designs, and she and her sister could have starred in a fun little episode at least once.
They were often seen along characters like Thunderlane and Rumble (who got their own episode, one of the worst of the series in my opinion #SJWumble) so I think it’d been nice to give her and Flitter and episode too considering they both had lovely designs. Really wasted potential. They were the Pega Twins much like Lotus and Aloe were the spa twins and got multiple moments in different seasons, sometimes together, sometimes on their own.